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måndag 6 mars 2017

What effects can a high WIP give? (3)

Production system with too high WIP tend to have big variations in leadtime since a little variation in WIP gives big variations in leadtime. They also usually spend a lot of time in planning and re-planning.....

söndag 5 mars 2017

Does Leadtime affect Productivity? (Posting 2)

Yes, it does!

But how?

To understand how discrete production system "works" we need to go back some years in time.

John Little, already in 1961 explained Little´s formula: WIP = Deliveries * Leadtime.

All production engineers, logistic developers and especially managers should really understand
Little´s formula.

If you understand how your own production system "follows" and "behaves", you are able to take the right actions for improvements. You will also understand the negative impact that a too high WIP have on productivity.

Anders Segerstedt does in a really pedagogic way explain this in "The physics in the plant".

The curves below visualize Little formula.

As you can see in the left picture, Deliveries do not increase when a certain point of WIP is reached.
In real systems they may even have a tendency to decrease.

lördag 4 mars 2017

Improve in a way you have not tried before! (posting 1)

The figure shows a typical production process.

The green fields represent value adding activities and the red fields represent not value adding activities within the production process.

Still there is a strong tendency to focus on the green areas because it is in these areas the major and important investments (machining) are made or where you have the personnel density (assembly).

In manufacturing industry it is still a strong focus on resources. Within the green areas there are many tools and methods and KPI:s etc. to measure and improve. In the green areas everyone is very aware of actual status and performance.

But do you really get the results?

Stop a bit! The fundament in Lean is to eliminate waste, why do you not take more action within the red fields?

With YourFlow it is simple to reduce and eliminate waste in the whole production chain!

What a hidden powerful potential! What if you could engage all personnel, regardless where they are working in the process, involving everyone in improving the companies competitiveness?

Follow this serie and get ideas for how your organization can improve productivity and have real results that really affect production cost.

There are a lot of tools and methods to improve the value adding areas. Usually these tools are focusing on the resources in these areas, people or machines. YourFlow "attacks" the waste within the whole production process!