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måndag 1 juni 2015

Yourflow - A way of working in time

The time of visualizing processes with post-it notes or "paper & pencil" has passed... go out on the shop floor, do your mapping together with the team directly in YourFlow,
go to the conference room, turn on the projector and continue working. With this approach the work can be saved, retrieved from anywhere and be shared with everyone involved.

Then you can continute refining the work without risking to have part of the mapping dropped on the floor between the occasions... :-)

The core strength of YourFlow compared to complex flow software is expressed in terms of "simplicity and teamwork", no expert can beat that!

It is the personnel closest to the value flow who have the best improvement ideas. If the work then can be entertaining, involving and engaging makes the results with YourFlow better compared to other ways of working.